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Alinma Steel is a leading producer of Merchant Bars (Rounds, Squares, Flats, and Angles) according to International standards. Steel Bars are widely used for general fabrication works, repairs in industrial maintenance, transportation equipment, etc. Our products are extensively tested to observe the highest quality standards and produce exemplary Steel Bars. Alinma Steel monitors key performance and production Indicators at two week intervals, adjusting strategies and techniques as needed.


Inline with Vision 2030, we envision ourselves to be partners and catalysts in the booming economic growth and infrastructural development in the region. Alinma Steel was found on the idea of developing our beloved country and not only producing steel but to research, experiment and develop techniques to improve the classic steel production process and develop sustainable and high quality products. We are working not only on being environmentally friendly but are introducing the concept of sustainable steel. We are investing all possibles means to introduce new production techniques and technologies that are beneficial to both our customers and our environment.

MD’s Message

I would like to thank you for taking the time to browse through our simple pages. We are a young yet well experienced steel producer based in Saudi Arabia. Our staff is composed of highly qualified and well seasoned individuals who are the foundations of our promised growth. We are strongly committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in proving the same every day when we start our production lines. We believe, with time we will develop techniques that will reform the steel industry. We have started small, dreaming big, and will deliver!

Product Range

Alinma Steel produces Hot rolled mild steel merchant bars in round, square, flat and equal angle bars in standard sections and lengths. The steel bars are produced according to ASTM A36 standards.

1) Round Bars - from diameter 12 mm to 30 mm

2) Square Bars - from diameter 10 mm to 25 mm

3) Flat Bars - from 25 mm to 75 mm

4) Equal Angles - from 25 mm to 75 mm


Equal Angles

Flat Bars

Square Bars

Round Bars


These bars are used primarily by fabrication customers and find many applications in structures and frames. They are easy to cut and drill, which is why they are particularly suited to welding. 

Should you require sizes that are not listed above please call us or email us for further assistance.


We purchase our raw material only from approved steel manufacturers in the form of semi-finished steel billets, which are supplied with a certificate of chemical analysis according to the specification ordered. Our hot rolled steel products are:

  • Re-heated and rolled from con-cast billets manufactured via the Basic Oxygen converter steel (BOS) or Electric arc furnace (EAF) route only;
  • Supplied in the ‘as rolled’ condition only.

Our sales team would be happy to provide any information regarding our manufacturing process or quality compliance on request.


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